Revox reel to reel, CD & AMP upgrade kits and customization 

Revox R2r Revox Tape Deck Upgrade Kits



Kits for the following Revox gear is available.





B225 CD Player

A50 & A78 Integrated Power Amps

Custom Face Plates are available for the following models.

A77, A700, B77 and all PR99 models.

Standard colors are silver and black, but others such as red, blue, green, bronze, gold etc are available on request but may incur a surcharge. Please inquire for non-standard colors.


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We keep stock of all parts on hand.

We are a USA based supplier, with 24/7 customer support!

Our prices are extremely competitive, probably the lowest for Revox upgrade kits on the market!

We are happy to work with you for any special requests!

Our own Studer B67 MKII




Why Buy From Us?

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We have created complete upgrade kits, as well as custom faceplates, for the most popular Revox reel to reel decks CD player and Power Amps.

Two types of kits are offered, one with transistors and one without.

Every electrolytic, as well as tantalum capacitor, (tantalums are replaced by electrolytic's), is supplied, trimmer pots, as well as all audio and power transistors (if ordered). Each kit also includes a new set of motor start/run capacitors and the X2 film safety capacitors.

This will enable you to carry out a complete recap of your Revox audio gear.

And if you wish, by ordering the appropriate kit, all transistors can also be replaced.

We only use name brand capacitors, such as Nichicon, Panasonic, Vishay, Philips etc, and where ever possible, audio grade capacitors are used, which make up about 95% of each kit.

For the trimmers, we use the Piher brand.

For the transistors, we mainly use Fairchild, to ensure quality and reliability.