ReVox Upgrades & Patch's

 We no longer ship outside the USA!

Price for one kit consisting of two A77_MET modules, including shipping to the lower 48: US$40.00

‚ÄčAnd we no longer ship outside the USA.

We are extremely excited and honored to be working together in a partnership with Pievox of Germany (pronounced peevox) for some of their Revox gear enhancements.

Ernst Schmid of Pievox, who worked at Revox for a number of years and who has an in depth and comprehensive knowledge of Revox's gear has come up with a number of excellent and very useful enhancements covering reel to reel decks and amplifiers.

Erhard Audio LLC / ReVoxR2R are the exclusive distributor for some of these Pievox products in North America.

A77_MET module:

This module is made by us here in the US under the exclusive agreement with Pievox.

The first such enhancement we can now offer is the very clever and useful A77_MET module, designed to stop those wild VU meter needle deflections when the A77 is powered on and off.

This needle deflection is rather disconcerting and could also contribute to a known issue with the A77 VU meter needles dropping off on these 40+ year old A77 tape decks.

This module is suitable for all A77 variants, MKI, MKII, MIII and MKIV except for the DOLBY version.

It is very simple to install and fits on the underside of the Record Amp pcb, requiring just three solder connections. Once this module is installed, there is virtually zero deflection of the VU meter needles during power up and less than half the deflection during power off.

Two A77_MET modules are supplied with this kit ready for installation complete with the three small wires as well as double sided adhesive tape to simply stick it on the back of the Record Amp pcb.

You will also get a set of installation instructions. There is no adjustment or testing, just install the module, plug the Record Amp pcb back into your A77 and all is good! No more wild VU meter needle deflections!