Studer D730, D731 & D732 CD decks

D732 kit as outlined below:  $56.00



D730/D731 kit as outlined below:  $75.00 

 Studer Pro Gear Upgrade Kits

Each kit consists of its parts, a parts list based on Studer's own part numbers and a pcb layout, to make your job of upgrading each pcb that much easier!

Please note, transistors are NOT included with these kits.

If you do have a special request for transistors, please contact us with your specific requirements and we might be able to assist you, thank you.

Optional D730/731 pcb kits available, please advise if your D730/731 has the following versions and we will make the necessary changes.

Main Board 1.630.152.24/26 or 28

Servo Board 1.630.151.21/22/23/24/26 or 27

The D732 kits cover the following pcb's:

Convertor Board 1.632.153.20/21

Servo Board 1.632.151.20/21

Keyboard 1.632.050.00

The kits for the D731/D730 only cover the leaded capacitors, they DO NOT cover the SMT/CHIP style capacitors!

The D731/D730 kits cover the following pcb's:

Main Board 1.630.152.20/21/22

Servo Board 1.630.151.20

Main CD Controller Board  1.639.125.00

SFC 1.630.170.20